When you’re in the groove working or doing something really productive, the arrival of notifications saying you got Gmail from some annoying person who has been pestering you destroys that mood. Don’t you just wish you could block that person? Now your wish has come true as Gmail gives you more control over your Inbox with the introduction of the block and unsubscribe options, now on the web and soon on the Android mobile app.

You can now set it up so that specific email addresses can be blocked and so you will not receive emails from them unless you specifically remove them from the blocked list. This can be useful for those that keep sending you spam or those that are probably stalking you or something. All their future emails will then be sent to the spam folder, so you still have the option of reading through them.

You also sometimes forget that you subscribed to so and so email mailing lists, but now you feel that it’s time to say goodbye. Gmail now has the unsubscribe button so you can easily opt out of those emails without necessarily going to the email and unsubscribing. A clean inbox full of emails from people that you like emailing is a good inbox.

These two new features are now available on the web version, The Android app will follow soon, specifically by next week. Hopefully, more control options will soone available as we try to maintain a zero inbox.