Copying text from your email, switching to another app, and then pasting said item may not seem like a complicated task, but it does take up time and also a few taps and swipes. And we all know that convenience is a big part of our digital life and we tend to use apps and services that give us just that. Now Google is making life easier for Gmail and Inbox users, both through the app and through the web, by converting addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers into interactive hyperlinks that should lead to actionable apps.

Whenever Gmail or Inbox will detect a physical address, an email address, and a phone number, the text will become a link. When you click an address, it will lead to Google Maps so you can get directions to the place and even add it as a favorite or to any of your saved places folders. Obviously, clicking an email address assumes you want to email that person and so it will lead to a compose new email window in your device’s default email client.

When you click on a phone number, whether it’s a landline or a mobile number, it also assumes that you want to call your contact or the company/person indicated in the email. It will start a phone call using your device’s default calling app, if you’re using a mobile device of course. However, this new interactive hyperlink is available for G Suite customers. No news if it will be available later on for the usual Gmail/Inbox users.

This update has started rolling out to all G Suite editions, so if you notice the hyperlinks in your email, try them out.

SOURCE: Google