Despite various cloud services and collaboration tools available that lets you exchange large files, a lot of people still use their emails to send each other files bigger than 1MB. Most email providers still have such a low limit on the files that you can send and receive, with Gmail having one of the higher ones since you can send attachments up to 25MB. Now they’re increasing the size of files that you can receive to up to 50MB but the ones you can send is still up to 25MB.

It really doesn’t make sense to send and receive large attachments through email, but since a lot of people are still doing it, Google decided to increase the maximum size of files that you can receive. If someone is sending you a video or image or file that’s up to 50MB, then you will be able to receive it. But you yourself can only send up to 25MB files and if you go over that, Gmail will suggest that you just send it using your Google Drive (provided that you still have space of course).

But really, if you’re using any type of cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox, it would be much easier to send a huge file from there. If you’re using Gmail and Google Drive, there’s an insert file from Google Drive option there which will eliminate a few steps from your productivity process. So if you want to make life simpler, better use that process.

For those who still prefer the attachment in the email method, this new Gmail file size policy will be rolling out to users within the next three days.

SOURCE: Google