Gmail is just one of Google’s numerous products. No doubt it’s one of the best. We don’t want any other email service at this point. Google must take good care of this one if it want s to keep the millions of Gmail users from all over the globe. The latest update brings new features and functions that will enhance the messaging experience. Expect machine learning to be further utilized as it helps anyone to compose emails via the Smart Compose feature.

It’s just one improvement. There’s also the Smart Reply that generates automatic responses that lets you send standard messages quickly.

The updated Gmail can also help you follow up on emails by showing reminders in the inbox. It can remind you to reply to messages and threads that are important. Your inbox can also tell you if you have any overdue message or task.

Gmail mobile’s design has been updated as well. You can see red warnings as an alert for spam or phishing. Attachments can be previewed as photos so you won’t have to scroll or open the whole message. You can easily switch between email accounts so you can be more productive.

Gmail is part of G Suite. The recent changes make your email a more consistent part of the suite with the Google Material design.

All Gmail mobile users can receive the update. Apart from Gmail, Google has also updated other web apps Google Docs, Drive, Sites, and Calendar.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google), G Suite Updates


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