Google sent out an announcement today saying they’d be updating their Gmail application for the Android platform adding several features that make this update totally sweet. Gmail version 2.3.2 for Android improves first and foremost the priority inbox feature, allowing now a separate window for all priority messages and lets users set up rings, vibrates, and all manner of alerts for when incoming priority messages arrive. This new Priority Inbox view also features the markers you’re used to seeing in your desktop version of Gmail, your ability to change a conversation’s importance as simple as two clicks.

Once you’ve got a message in your inbox, Google’s made it easier to choose Reply, Reply All, and Forward, allowing you to make these decisions quicker than before by erasing a step. Finally, Gmail now allows you to reply from any webmail address instead of just the one you received the message to. Use any webmail address synced to your desktop Gmail account instead of just your default to reply to messages. All devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and forward (though, good luck having something more advanced than this when I write this message, unless you’ve got some sweet hacks and a taste for cookies) – the app update is available at the Android Market right this moment. See more updates on Google’s Mobile Blog.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]


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