Earlier this year, Gmail brought dynamic email to the web version of the app, allowing users to access web functions without having to leave the email app. They did say that they were going to bring this functionality to the mobile app eventually and it looks like that day has finally arrived. Google has announced that they’re rolling out an update to the Gmail for Android app that will bring this AMP-driven, interactive, and dynamic functionality to mobile users.

This new feature basically lets you “take action directly within a message” so you don’t have to leave the Gmail app just to be able to respond to the sender (aside from actually just typing reply). You can respond to a comment that someone placed on your connected blog or website or you can RSVP to an event invitation. You can also manage your subscription preferences, check on your shipping status, etc.

Because it is AMP-driven, your messages actually stay up to date. For example, you open an email from an e-commerce site and if they use AMP or the amplify web component, you’ll see that it will automatically update and give you the status of your order as well as shipping details. This dynamic email feature is especially useful for those who are checking their emails on the go and don’t have time to go back and forth between the email and a website.

If you’ve ever used this on your Gmail on the web, then you know how useful and convenient having a dynamic email is. We only wish that more websites, e-commerce stores, and content providers will apply it to their own products so that we can use it on Gmail as well. AMP has a whole website dedicated to helping you “convert” and Google also has a site to help developers create dynamic apps and content.

Google has started rolling out the update to Android devices but it might take a few days or even weeks to complete the rollout for all users. You can check your Gmail app to see if it’s available for you already and enjoy the benefits of dynamic email.