Google is doing a revamp of Gmail. We’re not sure if those self-destructing “confidential” emails are included but we’re more curious if the redesign will include a sidebar for the web version. This is different from Gmail Go but we’re looking forward to more add-ins for other apps, several improvements, and new features. With Gmail, individual and corporate users can live with digital efficiency and convenience as made possible by the G Suite. Gmail for one, is getting a major update. It’s smarter and more efficient with a new look, new apps, artificial intelligence, and advanced security features.

Gmail security features have been enhanced with phishing protection, Gmail confidential mode, additional authentication via text message, Built-in Information Rights Management (IRM) controls, and redesigned security warnings. Gmail also now features AI so you take advantage of the Smart Reply, Nudging, and other high-priority alerts. Nudge will remind you of any message you need to check or respond to.

Smart Reply for Gmail allows the user to respond to any message faster than ever. Gmail will also give suggestions when to unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t really need. Risky emails may still be received but Gmail will now let you know. Tasks feature has been redesigned as well so you can easily meet deadlines and track projects.

The updated Gmail can now be enjoyed on the web. Other features will be ready in the next few weeks.

SOURCE: The Keyword


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