The Gmail app for Android recently got an update. Google devs have been busy working on enhancements to the app because more people are accessing their email inboxes from their smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of Gmail is said to be used by over two-thirds of account holders so it only makes sense that the devs update the app that’s widely used.

Gmail mobile experience is better than ever with the new features: instant RSVPs and Rich Text Formatting. With these features, you can easily manage your Gmail inbox even when mobile. People who are busy and always on-the-go need a solution that will allow them to do more right on the app and without having to log on a laptop or desktop.

Instant RSVPs can now be sent with just a few clicks . If you’re using Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, you can take advantage of the one-tap option. Check your schedule before you respond to an important invitation. You can do more right inside the Gmail app without having to log out or switching to another application.

Thr Gmail app now also includes Rich Text Formatting. This means you can edit the text– change the color, underline, add italics, bold, or highlight a word or phrase depending on your need and preference. Right inside the Gmail app for Android, you can use these editing options if you want to stress a point in your email. It’s not just making your message look nice. You edit the text for emphasis.

SOURCE: Official Gmail Blog