Google may forever have Gmail as one of its top products because really, this email account provider is very reliable. No doubt that it’s the choice of many Android users because it’s easy to use and is very secure. The Gmail app for Android recently received an update from Google. The app has just gotten Oauth support for all Microsoft and Yahoo accounts, adding account recovery and two-step verification as an extra layer of protection.

Of course, we can expect some performance improvements and bug fixes along with the update. You can use it as the only app for all your email because you can access most of other email accounts right from the app. So whether you have your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook mail, you can access them and read or send a message from the Gmail app for Android.

The tablet layout has been improved to allow faster switching between accounts and inbox categories as well. On Android Lollipop-powered devices, you can now hide sensitive lockscreen notifications.

As always, the Gmail app remains useful, efficient, and intuitive. With this app, you can be easily informed of new messages with push notifications. You can search and find any email you need to read and respond to even when offline or online. It also allows you to manage multiple accoutns, set up label notifications, and view and save attachments as with the desktop version.

Download Gmail for Android from the Google Play Store