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Location-sharing apps for mobile are nothing new. In fact, there are a lot of similar apps out there but only a few cater to the basic needs of the users. One of the more popular apps today is Glympse that lets the user control privacy by deciding which contacts can see his particular location.

The Glypmse app also shows a person’s movements to his contacts for a certain time and from point A to B. Such setting adjustments enable an Android user to control privacy and be safe from unwanted stalkers.

The Glympse Keyboard app works well with the original Glympse app. It allows the user to share location from whatever app is presently running on the phone. Once the app is installed, two keyboard input options will appear when needed. You can choose from either the standard Quick Send keyboard or the Full Keyboard option.

On Full Keyboard mode, the Glympse app automatically replaces device keyboard. The ‘G’ key becomes a Glympse icon that when pressed, creates a link to a map of one’s location. The copied link can then be used and inserted into any app as needed. On the other hand, the Quick Send keyboard mode, lets one use the current keyboard to get location link which can also be pasted on other apps.

With ‘Quick Send’, the user can set the duration for how long his location can be viewable, as well as, more information like his destination and a short message before sharing. Other people can also see your journey if set or if others have the Glympse app also installed on their devices. If no similar app is installed, only the route can be viewed on any mobile browser. (But seriously, do you really want the whole world to see where you are going?)

Glympse joins the band of similar keyboard apps like Fleksy, TouchPal, Swype, and SwiftKey. The app can be considered as just another keyboard app for Android but what makes this interesting is its Quick Send feature. Let’s see how the Glympse Keyboard will fare with other existing keyboard apps.

New Glympse Keyboard app now available for download at the Google Play Store.


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