Glympse is an app that allows you to share your current location with others. The nice part of Glympse is how this is all handled — on your terms. You create the Glympse and then choose who you want to share with and for how long. You can share over email or SMS as well as social sites. As of today Glympse has added some new features for Android users.

This latest version of Glympse is already available in the Google Play Store and it one that Evernote users will likely want to grab sooner rather than later. Basically, Glympse now supports Evernote. This integration means you will be able to save a ‘Glympse’ to your Evernote account. Or in other words, Glympse will now archive automatically in Evernote.

The process of sharing to Evernote is simple and straight forward. The first time around you will need to login using your Evernote account credentials, however after that it is just a matter of choosing Evernote as a recipient in the “Send Glympse to” option. Of course you still have the same ability to pick the time you should be watched and to add a destination and message.

Once that Glympse has expired your trip details will be sent to your Evernote account. These will be saved in a folder called “My Glympse Trails” and will provide users with an archive of the Glympse data to include recipients, date, time, duration and the destination.

Otherwise, this latest update also added a ‘Create a Glympse Group’ wizard that should help speed up the process of creating a group and getting others invited to view/join. There were also some other unspecified improvements and bug fixes.

SOURCE: Google Play Store, Marketwired