Glu Mobile has announced that with the launch of in-app purchases for Android devices it has updated some of its popular new games to take advantage of the feature. Players that like the Glu games Gun Bros, Deer Hunter Challenge, and World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend will be able to make purchases.

Exactly what you can purchase in the games isn’t noted. I would assume it to be things like new guns and equipment for the shooters and who knows what for the poker game. Be sure your kids don’t run up a huge bill not realizing they are buying things with real money.

“The implementation of In-app purchases on Android Market is a very significant step forward that will underpin Glu’s continued leadership in 3D Social Mobile gaming on Android,” said Niccolo de Masi, CEO of Glu. “The Android gaming market continues to demonstrate impressive growth and we are optimistic that over the medium term IAPs on Android will generate revenue streams analogous to those on iOS.”