Another day, another game streaming app on Android. Hardcore console and PC gamers might see the mobile platform as a limitation to their gaming experience, hence they are always looking for a way to play console and PC quality games on mobile. The only way, it seems, is to have a powerful Android device and purchase great games. But what if instead of installing the game on your device, you could just stream it?

That is the argument for game streaming services, and Gloud Games claims to be one of those. The game is still in “unreleased” status in the Play Store, hence there will be some glitches and bugs in the app. But the service claims to be able to stream console quality games like WWE, Sleeping Dogs, PES 2017, and even (gasp!) Fallout 4 to your device. Would you want to try it out?

The idea is that the high-end game runs on a server, and all you would need is a good internet connection and a passable Android device to play it. The app doesn’t even have high spec requirements, it just asks for a stable internet connection.

So we’re piqued. We’ll try it soon. If you want to try it, give us a shoutout via the comments section and tell us what you think about Gloud Games.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store