Global Wireless, the upcoming Canadian carrier, are set to offer the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) and HTC Magic, according to a leak from an ex-employee.  The handsets – which will be known as the Global (HTC) G1 and the Global (HTC) M1 – will support 7.2Mbps HSDPA, but be firmware locked to Global Wireless’ SIMs.

The Global (HTC) G1 will be available on 24-month contracts for $129.99 and on 12-month contracts for $229.99 (presumably Canadian dollars), while a pre-pay version will be $429.99.  It will only be available in black.  As for the Global (HTC) M1, meanwhile, that will only be offered in white, but no pricing was detailed.  Data rates will start at $10 per month for “unlimited email, IM and communities”; $23 for 2.5GB of data and unlimited email; and $40 for unlimited everything.  Tethering will be a $5 option.

The leak, so the story goes, was the retaliation of a fired employee, whom Global Wireless let go over “poor performance in marketing”.  To spite the carrier, he released multiple slides detailing upcoming devices, service plans and other details.

[via BGR]