Those who own both Google Glass and a Tesla Model S can now bring the two together via the new GlassTesla app, which was announced in the auto maker’s forums earlier this evening. With the app, Glass owners will be able to monitor certain aspects of their Model S, including its charging status and where the vehicle is located at any given moment.

GlassTesla allows those who own a pair of Glass to check out some common aspects of the Model S without pulling out their smartphone and the using the available app. As with the smartphone app, GlassTesla lets Model S owners check the charging status of their car, as well as starting and stopping the charge process with Glass and opening the charging port.

Owners can also use the app to check the status of their doors, trucks, and sunroof, with the former two showing whether or not they are locked, and with the latter show if it is open or not. As well, the app can be used to perform any of those actions, so the truck is popped when you need it, or the doors are locked without having to return to the car.


Both interior and exterior temperatures can be monitored, and auto climate can be activated via Glass. Arguably the most useful feature, however, is the ability to view a map and the location of the Model S on that map, in addition to directions on how to get to it. If that isn’t helpful enough, you can also use GlassTesla to make your Model S flash its lights or honk.

You can see what the Glass cards look like even if you don’t have Glass by heading over to, where you can also grab the glassware if you have the requisite hardware and vehicle. You’ll need to authorize it on your Google account, then you will need to log in with your Tesla account credentials.

SOURCE: Tesla Motors