If there’s one thing an Android user loves, it’s an update. Every update to an app, firmware, hardware, even updating your wallpaper is something like an addiction when you really get into it. Therefor when a news bit like Droid Incredible 2 gets full official Gingerbread build comes along, we flip out. That day is now – though it’s a little less than official, if you know what I mean. What we’ve got going here is a Gingerbread RUU being leaked by MobileUnderground member Football. Justin Case of Android Police and xgunther got together and repacked that RUU and made it root-friendly.

What you’ve got to get and be right now is S-OFF and root by AlphaRevX, plus you’ve gotta have ClockworkMod recovery running so you can flash the pre-rooted ROM of what we’re talkin about here. Once you’ve got that going, all you’ve got to do is wait for the full unlock of the Incredible 2 from AlphaRevX. Meanwhile you’ve got some downloading to do. First you’ll want the PlainJane GB beta 1 for Incredible 2 which was just spoken about, all support for this ROM being sitting around at RootzWiki.

You’ll like to know that this update will bring you some excellent features including: Android 2.3 Gingerbread, compass orientation correctly detecting, notification LED settings being correctly applied, Get More HTC Widgets being available, smart dialer now functioning correctly, and calendar app accurately displays birthdays now. If that’s not some mangled tense english for you, I don’t know what is. This entire update is coming to you thanks to the folks at our buddies at Android Police.