Most virtual keyboards that are now available in the market have gone beyond just giving you an alternative to your default keyboard. We’ve seen apps like SwiftKey, Fleksy, Swype and others offer other functionalities that can either confuse you even more or maybe make your life easier. Ginger Keyboard is another app that has been adding more features and the latest one is a partnership with popular productivity app so you can do your tasks directly on your smart keyboard.

As part of their goal to make their keyboard more useful and capable than ever, Ginger has added access to’s interface directly from their keyboard. So now you can type out your tasks, dictate notes, and make lists and even organize all these productivity tasks without having to go and open the app. So even while messaging, you can still remain productive and organized.

But what circumstances would you need to do that? For example, you are involved in a marathon texting session with a friend or colleague, when you suddenly remember some things you need to list down (which may or may not be connected to your conversation). Instead of having to switch to another app, you can just take notes or dictate tasks from the comfort of your keyboard. You can even organize your daily plans from there as well.

You will have to download both the Ginger Keyboard for Android and for Android to be able to use this functionality. Don’t worry, both are free to use and are pretty easy to use.

SOURCE: Ginger