GetJar is now going to offer GetJar Gold where users can get top android applications “appsolutely” free. Basically this will be similar to the free app of the day that Amazon has been doing but instead gold members will have a list of top Android apps each week to choose from. I can’t complain about free stuff, who would right?

This week they have a great selection too, with apps like Swiftkey X, Backbreaker, The Moron Test and more. I do want to mention that in the past if you’ve ever used GetJar they offer single app downloads so getting app updates isn’t usually on their list. Whether they will start offering updates for paid apps with GetJar Gold we still don’t know, as updates are pretty important.

Developers might not like the idea just like some have said in the past with Amazon’s free apps, but the more options for consumers the better. GetJar is hoping this will drive in more traffic to the site by offering free top quality apps to gold members. Check out all the freebies this week at the source link below.

[via GetJar]