Keeping all your iTunes music is a deciding factor for most potential Android users. iTunes has been around for years and many people use it as their main source of music storage.  Most people decide to stick with the iPhone just because of the iTunes integration. Now you can keep all your music in iTunes and sync them to your Android device thanks to MP3tunes.

The guys over at Eurodroid received an email that describes how it works.

It reads:

– Sign-up for a free MP3tunes account to warehouse your personal music collection here. (Read below to see how you can get 50gbs of storage for free**.)

– Download and install the free LockerSync software which will gather your personal music collection from iTunes and load it into the cloud. Besides your music it will also capture playlists which can be useful. If you’ve got a big music collection you can schedule the sync to run in off-peak hours when your PC is idle and your network connection is untapped. Once the initial sync is complete you can leave the software running and it will automatically add any new tracks loaded to your PC into your cloud storage. If you’ve got music on multiple computers you can run this software on each and you’ll end up with one complete collection with no duplicates.

– From the Android market install the App called MP3tunes and login with your MP3tunes credentials. Then you’ll be able to browse your entire iTunes song library and play songs and playlists.


Download any song from the cloud to your device by clicking the menu button and selecting “Download”. This will download in the background a high fidelity version of the song storing it locally for future playback.

Songs stored on your memory card will be combined with cloud based songs displaying one meta collection. Songs will always play from local storage if available in both places to save battery and minimize network lag.

The app will always prefetch the next song in a playlist to allow for snappy fast forwarding.

You may notice differences in audio quality. This is dependent on the bandwidth speed you have. Slower connections will automatically have lower quality audio files.

If you have music files on your Android phone you can load them to the could by selecting “Upload” from the menu or long clicking on a song title.

** Normally the free account is capped at 2GBs however there is a special coupon code: itunesonandroid which will get you 50GBs of storage for free (normal cost is $39.95). Go here:, type your email/password, and click the “Buy” button. The coupon code expires 4/5/10.