If one of your resolutions for this year is to have products that are more sustainable, House of Marley is a brand that you might want to check out. At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, they have unveiled their 2019 lineup of new devices and one of those is the Get Together Mini, a new member of their Get Together family of speakers. It comes not just with Google Assistant support but is also made up of sustainable materials like bamboo, aluminum and the brand’s signature REWIND fabric.

When it comes to functionality, there’s nothing extraordinary about the Get Together Mini but it does what it’s supposed to do. Because it has Google Assistant support, you’ll be able to control your music, ask questions, get it to do tasks, and all other things that the digital assistant can do for you. You can set it up that it will wake with a trigger word or you can also press the button on top to start using Google Assistant. You can also press the button at the rear if you want to stop the speaker from listening to your voice.

You can use the built-in Google Cast to stream music from your smartphone to the speaker, but you can also use Bluetooth if you want to. You can also use either to pair it up with other compatible speakers if you want to have multi-room audio. If you use WiFi connection, you’ll get 6 hours of playback but 4 hours if you have the mic on to lookout for wake words and then 12 hours if you use Bluetooth.

But what makes it stand out is that it is the most sustainable among the Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers out there. It is made from natural bamboo, recyclable aluminum, and the signature REWIND fabric which is actually made from organic cotton, organic hemp, and recycled plastics rPET.

The Get Together Min will be available this August 2019 and should cost you around $199.99. It is a bit more expensive than your regular Google Home (which is at $130) but at least you know you’re getting a product that is made by a company bent on making sustainable electronic devices.