Every March 8 is International Women’s Day. Millions of people around the world celebrate this day by giving special recognition to a lot of women. There is still so much inequality but we’re feeling positive all that will change in the coming years. More voices are being heard and more awareness campaigns are being launched. Many companies and brands want to celebrate the women by launching different promos and gimmicks. For this special day, Google is offering free audiobooks you can download from the Play Store.

Google perfectly describe this deal: “In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on games and apps made by inspiring female founders and developers from around the world, as well as games, books and movies starring strong female protagonists.

This promo includes those audiobooks that the tech giant believes will help teach the young children about strong women. About thirty children’s audiobooks from Nickelodeon Publishing are available for free.

Most of the titles listed may be familiar to most parents and kids:

Albert: The Little Tree with Big Dreams
A Monster Machine Christmas
All-Star Pups
A Tale of Two Genies
Back to School
Catch a Wishing Star
Dora’s Book of Manners
Dora’s Super Sleepover
Dump Truck Trouble
Factory Fresh
Go, Go Goal!
Green Team
Holiday Helpers!
It’s Friendship Day
It’s Time for Bubble Puppy
Jurassic Bark
Let’s Be Firefighters
Monster Magic
My Heart is Bright
Nella and the Dragon
Ooze Control
The Pups Save the Bunnies
Robot Rampage
Really Spaced Out
Rusty Rocks
Show Your Love
Santa’s Christmas Genies
The Little Christmas Tree
The Legend of Pinkfoot
Wish Upon a Sleepover

SOURCE: Google Play Store