While football (okay, soccer, if you insist) is pretty fun and exciting to watch and play, at times it can be pretty staid and straightforward. Pass the ball around and get it into the net. But what if there were cows, aliens, tractors, fire, and crazy fans involved? That’s exactly what you’re up against in the new Android game FootLOL: Crazy Football, and judging from the game’s name itself, you already know that this isn’t your typical football mobile game that you’re used to.

With all the chaos that’s going on in the pitch, you won’t expect your players to be able to play your usual tactical, passing football. How could you if you can see a herd of cows bearing down on you? But the object of the game is still the same: put the football in the back of the net. You are the team’s manager and you get to train and manage your club before finally unleashing them on the pitch. Then you get to choose what other elements to bring during the game, including mines, shields, aliens, guns, cows and others.

The game has four planets that you need to play on, each with a different kind of out of this world pitch. You get to improve your team’s performance, get them new kits and hats, and unlock new gadgets as well as you play the game more. And if you’re done with the tournament mode, there is a multiplayer mode available if you go online so you can play with other crazy footballers around the world.

You can get FootLOL from the Google Play Store for just $2.99. There are also in-app purchases available. Happy footLOL-ing!