Last week we’ve seen a few scary Android vulnerabilities, but sometimes even the very act of browsing the Internet can be very scary already. From hackers to the NSA, you’re almost never sure if someone is spying on you. Well, there’s one way to be sure: use a virtual private network or VPN. A favorite tool of those who want to keep their private affairs private, VPNs give users peace of mind. And with this TigerVPN Lite Lifetime Subscription, that peace will be with you forever.

VPNs are, admittedly, not just a tool for remaining anonymous. They also free you from arbitrary restrictions imposed by content providers based on region or country. That is why it’s also a favorite tool used by those who are willing and able to pay for Netflix but are otherwise barred from it. VPN does this magic by making it look like you’re accessing content from a server located in another country.

TigerVPN Lite allows subscribers to access 15 of the service’s 61 servers scattered throughout the globe. These include locations in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Austria, and, yes, the US. The service supports a wide range of devices and platforms though, unlike TigerVPN’s fuller tiers, Lite only allows one connection at a time. That said, once connected, you are not limited by bandwidth or data caps.

All of these you can get for $29, a juicy 96 percent discount from what is normally $790. And for that amount you get access to TigerVPN Lite for a lifetime.

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