Are you tired of constantly looking at your smartphone when you receive messages, only to be met with “LOL”, “K”, or worse yet, an NSFW message that you opened when you were at work? You always have the option of not looking at your phone but in case you cannot help it, you would want something that will give you really smart notifications and lets you know whether a message is important or can just be read or replied to later. That’s Converbration for you.

What the app promises is that it can tell you the emotion, context, length, and even importance of each of the messages that you receive from supported apps. And you don’t even have to sign up for anything. As soon as you’ve installed it, it can do its “magic”. But of course if you want the app to be more personal and to help it become smarter, you can customize it according to your preferences and it will slowly learn what are the kinds of messages and key words that are important to you and which you prefer to ignore.

The app distinguishes from short, medium, long, boring or exciting messages so you know whether to read it immediately or leave it for later. It also uses AI to understand the context and emotion of these messages (question, business related, NSFW, urgent, etc). If it’s just simple word responses like “K” or “LOL” or it’s just fixing typos, it can ignore it and not notify you anymore. The app works with SMS and most of the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

It also supports 17 languages for now, but hopefully will add more later on. It also uses a custom designed algorithm so that it is processed locally on your phone so the messages aren’t sent to a server, ensuring safety as well as saving your data and batter. You can download Converbration from the Google Play Store for free.