We can’t emphasize enough just how important your privacy and security is today. Especially today. That is why every chance we get to offer you affordable services and tools, we take it. Now it’s up to you to take it to. With this latest Android Community deal, you get three years worth of universal VPN service from Anonymizer, a leading company in the area of online privacy and security, ensuring that whatever you do on the Net stays personal and out of the reach of prying eyes and hands.

Edward Snowden’s revelations continue to open the eyes of the public to the risks of unprotected Internet activities. Sadly, knowing one thing and taking action are two different matters, and some fail to do the latter. Why? Because let’s face it, trying to keep your online identity safe, secure, and private takes as much work, or maybe even more, as locking down your house. Fortunately, there are companies whose calling is in making these things easier for the user and harder for malicious individuals or the occasional government agent.

Anonymizer has been at this kind of job for 19 years, delivering access to private networks and servers and keeping users safe online. Like any other VPN service, you only connect through Anonymizer’s own virtual servers, which masks your IP address as well as your location, making it harder to track you down. Anonymizer’s service works on any device, on any platform, whether it be Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac.

With this Anonymizer Universal VPN deal, you get three years of that service. You can download Anonymizer’s app on an unlimited number of devices but do note that you can only connect to the VPN with at most 5 devices simultaneously. That said, you do get unlimited bandwidth allocation and the fastest speeds Anonymizer can offer. All for just $55. Better hurry though, because our Anonymizer Universal VPN 3-Yr Subscription offer will run out soon.

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