One of the fan favorite commercials from the recent SuperBowl LII was Amazon’s teaser about Alexa’s new voice. One of the temporary “replacements” for Alexa when she lost her voice was notoriously hot-headed (and profane) chef Gordon Ramsay. Well Amazon is taking it one step further by giving you a Gordon Ramsay skill that you can try out on your Echo and other Alexa-supported devices. It won’t replace Alexa with Gordon entirely, but you can get him to “critique” the latest dish that you’ve cooked.

Okay, he won’t exactly be critiquing your actual dishes, but you can ask Alexa to ask him what he thinks about your food. What it will give you is one of those famous Ramsay rants (randomly chosen of course). And of course it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t have a few bad words thrown in there, although the app beeps them out, which makes it even more amusing. It’s not a skill that will change your life but it can provide a bit of amusement.

To experience this, go to your Skills section on the Alexa app and search for Gordon Ramsay. Choose the one that says “Ground Control” and then tap it to enable the skill. After it’s been installed, you can start telling your Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, open Gordon Ramsay” and then he will greet you. Then you can say, “Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my ___________” and insert whatever dish you want to put there.

No news yet if the other co-stars in his Amazon ad will also have skills. We can’t wait to have an Anthony Hopkins voice whispering creepy things through our Echo device.

VIA: SlashGear