More often than not, we use Google Assistant to help us be more productive. It’s rare when we ask it to answer something or do something for us just because we want to kid around. But Google India and Cadbury India thinks even your digital assistant needs a break every once in a while and so they created this easter egg-ish command that will “incapacitate” Google Assistant from doing and saying something useful. The command “Eat a 5 Star” will make it act like it’s not its usual helpful and productive self.

XDA Developers says the command has been around for a few weeks already and is something that Google cooked up with Cadbury as part of a campaign for people to “chill for a bit” with its 5 Star Chocolate bar. Basically, when you tell your Google Assistant to “Ok Google, Eat a 5 Star”, it will go into “Do Nothing mode”. After that, all the commands and questions that you throw at it will be received with, well, useless responses.

The official listing says that the 5 Star Do Nothing Mode will give you more “perspective” as your Google Assistant will become like your “chilled-out friend” who’s always reminding you to sometimes take it easy and do nothing. For example, if you ask it to call someone, it will reply with “Naaaahh”. Or if you ask it to search something for you, it will tell you “No internet connection” even if obviously, you have a connection.

While of course, most people will rely on Google Assistant for important things like asking traffic conditions, setting a reminder for yourself to do something, or Googling what something means, every once in a while you do need a reminder to relax and do nothing. So if you need to do something important and will be annoyed with non-sensical replies from Google Assistant, then you better not activate the Do Nothing mode.

This is a regional command for India so you need to set your Google Assistant language to English (India) for it to be activated and work. And of course it has support for HIndi queries.


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