Securing our devices against internet threats can get pretty expensive. To be completely watertight you’ll need a VPN, password manager, antivirus, and then a way to backup all your data in case these measures fail — and all this will cost at least $32 a month, which is a hard number to swallow. That’s why Android Community Deals is proud to offer its readers The Digital Security Monthly Subscription Bundle, which includes all the services listed above for one low monthly price of $9.99 — a savings of 68% over paying for them individually.

The Digital Security Monthly Subscription Bundle offers access to popular and critically acclaimed services such as NordVPN, Dashlane Premium Password Manager, Panda Dome Advanced, and the Degoo Ultimate 2TB Backup Plan. When combined, these four services will keep hackers from stealing your secrets, ensure you’ve got secure passwords, prevent viruses from infecting your computer, and backup all your data so it can be restored at any time. If you were to pay for each by itself, you’d spend about $32 every month but, when you take advantage of this offer, you’ll get all four for just $9.99 a month.

Never let your security fall behind with this Digital Security Monthly Subscription Bundle, only $9.99 a month here at Android Community Deals.