I’m sure all of you are as eager to see Android get ported to other handsets as we are. So far we have not seen to much work as far as running Android on new handsets, but that has just changed. We have all seen the videos of Android running on the HTC Touch, but how did they do it?

For all of you who are fans of the new HTC Touch one user has just come up with a way to run Android on the vastly popular device. From what we can see it works pretty well, custom on-screen keyboard and all. Right now there are still some issues scaling the UI to QVGA and the GPS, Bluetooth and USB still do not work.

Anyone with an HTC Touch can give it a try. Think of it as a port, this will not mess up your handset or completely kick any of your settings. Just reset your device to bring back Windows Mobile. For those willing to try, the instructions can be found here. Now given the instructions who is going to take the plunge?


[Via XDADevelopers]