Google wants more people to buy and connect their streaming devices, specifically their Chromecasts and Android TVs, and so they’re giving more incentives or bonuses for users. This time around, it’s a $6 free Google Play Store credit for each of the devices that you own. This is a pretty good deal if you already own any of the eligible devices and you buy a lot of digital content from the store. But is it enough incentive for you to actually buy one if you don’t have any yet?

Okay, probably not, since $6 is just a low amount although it can buy you several games and apps. But that isn’t the only reason you’d want to get a Chromecast or an Android TV box of course. The Chromecast in particular is a pretty great streaming device and is good value for money. Then if you add that $6 credit, then it’s a pretty sweet deal as it can give you the chance to get games or apps that you normally wouldn’t buy.

The credit doesn’t only apply to new devices but even to the original Chromecast, as well as the Shield TV and Nexus TV. Other Android TV devices like the Forge TV or Sony’s smart TVs may also be eligible for the credit. But the caveat is that you have to be in the US to access and use the credit.

To be able to get your credit, you need to go to a link where the Cast extension for your Google Chrome browser will detect hardware that is connected to your local network. Then it will show on your Google Play account how many credits you’ll get, which you can then use to buy apps, IAPs, movies, music, books, or in other words, anything that’s sold on the Google Play Store.

VIA: Android Police