Android Community is giving users the opportunity to sign up to My Global Talk‘s VoIP service, for low-cost international calls, and we’re throwing in some free credit to get you started.  Since we know our readers love getting something for nothing, if you sign up via the widget on the AC frontpage you’ll get $5 credit straight away.

It’s ridiculously simple to get started: just fill in the details (name, email, mobile number and choose your device) and you’ll receive your account information instantly.  From then on, to take advantage of My Global Talk’s rates, you simply use their Android app – alternatively, since it integrates with the G1’s Contacts and Recent Calls, you can’t carry on calling pretty much as you have been already.

$5 is enough for 250 minutes of chat with someone in the UK, calling from the US, or around 150 minutes with all your friends in Switzerland.  We’re interested to hear how you get on with My Global Talk, and we’re hoping you’ll be vocal in letting us know.