Even as we wait for the European Union’s right to repair law to go into effect which will require OEMs to serve software updates up to five years, the German Federal Government is looking to do their consumers one better. They are reportedly planning to enforce even stricter rules for smartphone makers. This time around those who want to continue operating in the country will have to give software updates as well as spare parts replacements for up to seven years.

Currently, Google’s Android platform promises only three years of OS upgrades and four years of security updates. So users who want to always keep their devices updated are forced to upgrade every four years, even though sometimes their smartphones or tablets are still working well. You can stick with your current one of course once it has reached the end of the updates but the performance and security of your device may eventually be compromised.

According to Heise Online, the German Federal Government is planning to extend the support timeline indicated by the European Union from five years to seven years. OEMs will be required to give software updates beyond their current timeline and also deliver spare parts replacements in the same time period. They will also be required to publish the spare part prices and they will also not be allowed to increase these prices over time.

The delivery times for these spare parts will also go under stricter rules. If not checked, they might deliver longer than expected forcing customers to just exchange their device rather than waiting for the spare parts and the repair. This basically will defeat the purpose of the new regulations. No delivery timeline was given though. For EU’s right to repair laws, OEMS are given up to five working days to deliver the repaired device so it will probably be the same or longer.

The Federal Ministry of Economics has confirmed that they are planning to enforce these stricter rules. However, there are no details yet as to when they are planning to implement such a law.


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