Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world and smartphones running the operating system are some of the most popular individual devices in the smartphone market. You would think with the incredible popularity of the Android platform that game developers and software developers would be thrilled to be working on the platform. However, one Android industry developer says that isn’t the case.

According to Chris Doran, the founder of Geomerics, programmers “loathe” developing for the Android environment. Doran says that Android isn’t a great environment for graphics. He notes that developers “have to do it” meaning developers have to develop for Android because it’s dominant.

Geomerics may not be a company name you’re familiar with, the company develops software that help game developers incorporate light into the games they’re developing. Doran made his comment this week during the Games Developers Conference. Doran went on to say that Google “just doesn’t put enough love into it [graphics].”

Other developers on the same panel during GDC defended Android and game developers. Samsung technical marketing manager Michael Ludden noted that developers didn’t enjoy developing programs for iOS at first. However, he said as the development tools advanced developers became happier with the Apple platform, the insinuation is that the same will happen with Android.

[via Venture Beat]