Most developers will be familiar with Genymobile, as they were one of the few outfits out there to actually put out a good working Android emulator system for app developers. Genymobile is back now with a new proposition – Genymotion Cloud – which brings the emulator out of your local devices and up to the cloud, where multiple usage proposals are now envisaged.

Of course, the main proposal of Genymotion Cloud will still be a fast and working Android emulator, this is what they are known for. The difference is that now, the emulators are running remotely where it will be possible for developers to collaborate using one remote instance. Designers and management people can look into the cloud to evaluate project speeds and progress, while sales and marketing people can even use it for app demos and such.


There are over 3000 device configurations available, so that’s covered for app developers using their apps on different types of devices. Plugins for popular developing tools like Android Studio and Eclipse are available. Genymotion Cloud seems to be a polished tool in terms of features.

There is a free usage tier for Genymotion Cloud, and that is for personal use only. Then the paid tiers start from Indie, Business, and Enterprise depending on the number of users you need and whether premium support is needed.

SOURCE: Genymotion Cloud


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