There’s plenty of Bluetooth wireless speakers available today we can pair with our Android smartphones and tablets, but today we were tipped off on a neat new one worth checking out. It’s called the Geneva WorldRadio and they’ve combined the classic look of an old school FM radio (metal handle and all) with a 2.4-inch LCD display for easy pairing with your Android smartphones and tablets.

The WorldRadio combines a classic FM radio with all those fuzzy channels we use to enjoy before our iPods and Google Music took over, yet we still get to enjoy Google Play Music, stream Pandora radio and anything else with Bluetooth. You get a stylish old school radio with HiFi sound and awesome options here from Geneva.

Under the hood of course we have FM radio, then DAB+ versions are offered for Europe, full Bluetooth support for streaming, and even an alarm clock. The WorldRadio rocks a 2.4-inch LCD display for scanning channels, setting the alarm, or pairing with your Android devices. The only thing I wish it had was see-through speaker grills so I could rock out with this on my shoulder.

For those that don’t want to go wireless we also have 3.5mm support, and the Geneva WorldRadio comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that offers 6 hours of continues audio playback. 6 hours is enough for me to jam at the pool or all day while camping. They claim it offers high quality sound and extremely deep, quality bass. The Geneva WorldRadio will be available this December in a choice of 3 metallic finishes: silver, red, and black for $299.