GEForce NOW Update

GeForce NOW is getting an important update as it enters a new year. It’s now on its second year and the community continues to grow. It may reach 10 million members soon especially after the new offerings are announced. The team behind this service is introducing Priority membership. It’s basically the same as the Founders members when it comes to benefits. This means access to gaming sessions, RTX ON, and extended session lengths.

GeForce NOW Priority

If you’re not yet a member, you may sign up for $99.99 (annual) or $9.99 per month. For current Founders members, you can enjoy the Founders for Life benefit. The $4.99 rate will still be continued for you.

In the past, several updates have been included like support for day-and-date launches, top free-to-play games, a bigger game library, new data centers, and expanded capacity in those center. The GeForce NOW team has improved quality of service and expect more enhancemens will be made like on streaming.

The GeForce NOW 2.0.28 update is now available for members. Everyone will get the same in the next few days. Expect the system will be easier and faster to use.

Lenovo Stadia Pro

Lenovo Google Stadia Pro

Meanwhile, Lenovo has partnered with Google to bring free access to Stadia Pro for three months. This makes Lenovo that first company to offer a gaming collaboration with Stadia Pro. This translates to more choices for hardcore gamers—where to play and what to play.

Stadia is now playable on the smartphone, TV, and computer. No need for updates or game downloads. There are now over 130 games ready to be played.

With this partnership with Lenovo, new owners of an IdeaPad gaming PC or Lenovo Legion can enjoy three months of access to the Stadia Pro for free. The offer can be redeemed via Lenovo Vantage,, or Legion Gaming community .


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