If the prospect of a device that dual-boots Android and the new Firefox OS is enticing, the new Geeksphone offering may be for you. Images of the Revolution have leaked, providing a glimpse of what may be a finished product for the interesting concept. Plain in form, the specs may also show another ho-hum, mid-range offering.

There is an interesting concept floating around that the Revolution may end up being a ZTE Geek clone, bolstered by the fact that Geeksphone doesn’t manufacture their own devices. Lending credence to that is the fact that the Revolution, like the Geek, could run Intel. Unlike the Geek, the Revolution offers little else to be excited about other than the dual booting of Android and Firefox OS.

The rumored 4.7-inch screen checks in at a middling 960 x 540, and a 2000mAh battery keeps the Revolution running. The 8MP rear camera said to be on offer is decent, but we still don’t have details on other things that get us going. If rumors are right, and it really is a ZTE clone, we’d likely get an Intel processor, but that’s also not set in stone. Depending on the target audience, it’s plausible that we’d see a stepped-down MediaTek processor.

From the looks of it, the Revolution may not be so revolutionary. If the price is right, though, we’d expect to see these fly, if simply out of morbid curiosity about Firefox OS. Given the rumor of a dual-booting device, and Firefox’s aim at emerging markets, we’d also not expect this to hit the states any time soon.