A dude from Jersey named Jon C. Hodgson wanted to propose to his girl of several years, Meghan, in a memorable way. He ruled out the things like a Jumbotron and skywriting as done already and wanted something cool. He settled on making his own app and then having it drop the big question in for him. Jon had a problem though; he didn’t know how to make an app for an Android device.

He turned to App Inventor and his girls love of her HTC Incredible and Harry Potter to seal the deal. He created a quiz app that had terms and conditions and official photos from the coming Harry Potter move. He told his girl that it was a quiz to win free tickets to the premiere of the film while they were out to dinner.

She started answering the questions and the last one was “The Question.” It read, “Meghan, will You Marry Me?” with yes or no boxes down below. This sort of reminds me of a version of those notes you pass along in grade school to the girls you like. If you are wondering, Meghan said yes and the wedding date is set.

[via Fast Company]