There are a lot of times in your digital conversations or in your social media posts when a single emoji is not enough to convey your actual emotions. Google previously brought “mixed emojis” through the Emoji Kitchen in the Gboard where you get hundreds of hand-crafted stickers that you could choose from. But now, just in time for the holidays when you may be having more conversations, they’re expanding the Emoji Kitchen which will let you make as many as 14,000 sticker combinations.

The Emoji Kitchen initially had a few hundred emoji combinations when it launched in early 2020 but Google says more than 3 billion were shared as people expressed how they felt about this weird and unexpected year. But even these hundreds of new, mixed emojis may not be enough to convey all our emotions and so Google decided to expand the functionality of this Gboard feature.

Previously, you just had to tap an emoji and you’ll get all the other mixed emojis that are available based on that particular emoji. Now you can pick any two smileys and combine them to create a new emoji. Some examples they gave is putting together a face with a mask and the earth to show how the whole earth may actually feel now. You can also combine fire with smiling face with sunglasses to recreate the “this is fine” meme in emoji form.

Google has also added a few “extra” emojis and by extra we mean extra. For example, if you double-tap the heart emoji, you’ll get a lot of extra hearts. Or if it’s the thinking face you want to amplify, you’ll get an “introspective” thinker. The rolling on the floor laughing emoji will “fall apart at the seams”. So yeah, extra emojis are at the double-tap of your fingertip. They did not give a full list so you can just try it with some of the emojis.

The expanded Emoji Kitchen is rolling out to the Gboard beta version now. But if you want to wait for the stable version, it should be out in the next few weeks.