Emojis are fun ways to send your loved ones and react to what they’re saying or even use it as code for when you want to communicate without words. But it will probably be even more fun if you could actually use emojis that look a lot like you. Not everyone though would be able to match emojis to their faces or to their liking. That’s why Gboard is now introducing a way to personalize emojis and create mini stickers and customize them according to the way you look or the way you think you look.

What Gboard will do is use machine learning and a little bit of artistry to suggest what your emoji should look like. Take a selfie and Google will analyze and use machine learning algorithms to suggest a skin tone, hair style, and even accessories, depending on what you were wearing when you took the picture. You can then customize your hair color, different types of head coverings, eyewear, accessories, etc.

The mini stickers will also come in two major types: bold for when you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and sweet for when you just want to be cute and, well, sweet. The mini emojis don’t just come with one sticker but you also get other options. For example, if you’re a redhead, you can also have a redheaded zombie, redheaded mage, and even redheaded shruggies.

To create your mini emoji, go to the emoji section in your Gboard. There’s an icon there at the end (a colorful face type) and when you tap it, it will tell you to create your own. Take a selfie first and then it will do its work before you get to customize it and all. You can send your mini emojis to supported messaging apps through your Gboard virtual keyboard.

Customized stickers and emojis are the trend now, with Samsung even bringing AR emojis to their flagship devices. Let’s see what other emoji innovations OEMs can come up with.

SOURCE: Google