If you need further proof that Google will soon get rid of their failed messaging app Allo, it seems that they’ve been distributing some of its best features to other Google products. The latest one to get “farmed out” is the Mini selfie stickers and now you’ll be able to create your own personalized (sort of) selfie stickers through the Gboard, Google’s very own virtual keyboard. After you’ve created it, you’ll be able to send these sticker emojis to your various messaging and social media apps.

Creating your very own sticker pack is actually pretty easy. If you don’t have Gboard yet, download it from the Google Play Store or if you already have it, just update to the latest version. Tap on the emoji button (the smiley face) on the left side of the keyboard then choose the Stickers icon or the square one with a face. You’ll see a mini icon at the far left and after you tap that, go tap on Create.

The next step is probably the hardest or the easiest: take a selfie! After that, all the work is with Google’s AI powers as it will generate several stickers based on your skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, face shape, facial hair, etc. It will even come in two modes, Bold and Sweet. Each mode will have hundreds of stickers and Google said it will continue to generate even more as you use it.

You will be able to use the stickers with any app that supports stickers but let’s face it, you’ll probably be using it mostly with your messaging apps anyway. This new thing is not exactly life-changing but it’s always fun to have more stickers at your disposal, especially ones that supposedly look like you.

As for Allo, there’s still no official word yet as to its fate, but expect that its days are numbered.