Your smartphone’s virtual keyboard is probably your most used app since most of the time you type on the different messaging and social apps that you use. One of the most popular third-party keyboard apps is Gboard as it offers a lot of features to make your typing life more exciting and even more functional. The latest beta version for the app is rolling out new gradient themes in both light and dark colors so your keyboard will look prettier or just plain nicer.

The beta version 7.8.8 is introducing these new themes. There’s nothing really extra special about them but the various gradient colors really look nice and at least you have a lot to choose from, depending on which are your favorite colors or what you’re in the mood to see on your virtual keyboard. There are 25 Light gradient themes and 29 Dark gradient themes ranging from pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple, violet, and various other color combinations.

The availability of these Gboard themes don’t seem to be limited to just Google Pixel devices. However it looks like it rolled out to them first as some non-Pixel devices don’t have the beta update just yet. If you’re impatient and want to see it already on your Android device, you might try downloading the APK version. Or you can just wait for it to roll out to other devices if you don’t want to mess around with APKs and all.

Gboard has been rolling out a lot of fun and/or useful features like adding various stickers, GIFs and bitmojis or even creating your own personalized emojis. It even has Smart Reply and Translate features so you don’t need to switch between apps while you’re sending messages or answering emails.

VIA: XDA Developers