Gboard 8.7

The last Gboard update we featured was back in March when Google improved the virtual keyboard app’s handwriting recognition. AI has allowed fewer mistakes, making the keyboard smarter than ever. Before that, 50+ new language variants were added apart from the new light and dark gradient themes and the GIF, stickers, and emoji suggestions. The Gboard 8.7 version delivers more keyboard heights plus handwriting speed and stroke settings.

There is no official announcement from Google yet. The information we have here is from APK Insight that saw changes in the code that refer to new features and updates.

Additional keyboard height options brings “Extra-short” and “Extra-tall”. All in all, Gboard 8.7 now includes seven keyboard height options the users can choose from. There’s Extra-short, Mid-short, Short, Normal, Mid-tall, Tall, and Extra-tall. This can be changed under Settings > Preferences > Keyboard height.

You may notice a ‘Rich symbol keyboard’ reference. It’s the new name for Symbols keyboard which may be seen alongside the stickers and GIF. More than 300 Unicode symbols will then be added in the near future.

The Symbols key vibration has been removed. When you use the bottom-left corner part of the keyboard, you will no longer feel a vibration. It can be annoying and yes, it’s unnecessary.

The Handwriting keyboard now offers two settings stroke width and speed. Speed can be Very slow, Slow, Mid-slow, Normal, Mid-fast, Fast, and Very fast while stroke width can be Extra thin, Thin, Mid-thin, Normal, Mid-thick, Thick, and Extra thick. These Handwriting settings should be very helpful because they are considered as personalization options.

You can’t find the Gboard 8.7 version on the Play Store yet but it’s advisable you check the page from time to time. You can sign-up for the beta program HERE. Watch out for related notifications or alerts because this is only the beta version.


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