If you’re part of the beta testers for the Gboard, you may want to update your version right now to version 6.4. While the update is pretty minor, it’s still important if you’re into the whole Incognito mode thing. What was previously available only on Android O developer’s preview, it is now included in the beta version for early access. You also have a few minor visual redesigns for the theme page, tools, and shortcuts which should make it easier to access and use.

However, this Incognito mode is only accessible if you open the Chrome 59+ stable version and you will see the usual icon (with the hat and shades on). While there’s no official function yet for this incognito mode for the Gboard, it will probably mean it won’t learn anything from your input if you’re in this mode, just like when Chrome is incognito. Future updates may also allow you to use the mode with other apps as well, but for now, it’s only in Chrome 59+.

The update also brings some visual redesigns to some parts of the Board. The theme page in the settings is now seen in a grid display to show Custom, Recently Used, Colors, and Landscapes. The tools and shortcuts have also been re-ordered. You now have a new GIF icon that will take users directly to the picker as well as an overflow menu that hides the shortcut so you can activate the one-handed mode quickly.

There is no news yet when the update to the stable version will come out. But for now, if you’re in the beta program, you can get the update to the GBoard though the Google Play page.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google