Gartner is one of the largest research firms out there and it is always working on some sort of numbers for us to peruse. The latest report from the company has noted that Android is growing in a massive way. According to the firm by the end of 2012, Android will hold 49% of the smartphone market.

The report also notes that in 2011 468 million smartphones are expected to ship globally, an increase of 57.7% from 2010. Gartner also notes that sales of open OS devices will account for 26% of all mobile handset sales in 2011. By 2015, open handset sales will pass 1 billion and be 47% of the entire mobile market.

The interesting bit of info in the numbers is how fast Android is growing and how fast other OS’ are losing market. Android has gone from 22.7% in 2010 to an expected 49.2% by 2012. At the same time, Symbian has gone from 37.6% in 2010 to an expected 5.2% in 2012.


  1. As long as mobile devices are on a one to two year upgrade cycle market share can and will change dramatically till one OS stabilizes the industry. Watching Android’s rate of sales increase the past few quarters I’m sure at Android will sell over 45M Q1 2011 and over 70M Q4 2011.

  2. Yea I can see that happening. But just cuz Android has tha smartphone world dominated b/c its on every cheap plastic phone it can get its dirty lil paws on doesn’t necessary mean that its good thing for them. I come to understand that pple who typically have an Android considers themselves so called tech savvy n enjoy open source but yet have no idea that it really doesn’t help them out. I don’t even think most of these pple realize that Open Source is mostly for developers to create SW or Apps n to throw sum of their ideas into the OS. Most of them think its fun to rubble thru 2-4 different app store markets just to get an App for “Free” cuz we all know how cheap Android consumers are since they chose to go wit a lower end smartphone such as an Android. Wit all the fragmentation and Mal-ware around wit Android and cuz u can add video wallpapers n widgets on the SB that consume ram and battery makes Androids so much superb to an iPhone? I honestly wish Android quit wit all that garbage revamped their OS n start making sum decent phones that actually uses its hardware to its advantage and stopped wit all tha cheap plastic materials they use on their phones n then maybe I’d actually consider an Android.

    • Wow. . . butthurt much?

      There are some great Android phones that leave the iPhone in the dust. . . and if you want updates asap just go with Google’s device–Nexus S. Really no difference there than the iPhone except you don’t have some egomaniac telling you what you can and can’t do with the device after you purchase it.

      Now pull your iPhone out of your ass then pull really hard to get your head out.


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