Good news if you’ve been having a hard time getting your hands on the garnet red Samsung Galaxy S III and live in the UK: Expansys has just launched the sexy looking handset, and you can pick it up for a pretty decent price. Samsung, of course, has released the Galaxy S III in a number of different colors, but the garnet red variant has only be available through AT&T for the most part. That can make things difficult if you’re with another carrier or don’t particularly care for AT&T’s service.

Now, however, UK customers can get a 16GB garnet red Galaxy S III at Expansys for £429.99. That isn’t a bad price, especially considering that Expansys normally charges £550.00. You’re saving about £120 if you pick up the garnet red Galaxy S III from Expansys, which is pretty substantial.

Of course, if you’ve never been crazy about the garnet red Galaxy S III, Expansys is also selling the more common blue variant for the same price. Expansys says that it has more than 100 of each phone in stock, but Talk Android is quick to point out that those devices might go fast – this is a pretty good deal, after all.

As stated above, Samsung has launched the Galaxy S III in a number of different colors. In addition to blue and garnet red, the Galaxy S III also comes in amber brown, titanium grey, sapphire black, and marble white. Samsung even recently announced a pink version of the Galaxy S III for Korea. Since the Galaxy S III is Samsung’s flagship device, perhaps we can expect more colors to launch in the future? We shall see.

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