No matter what the product is I think it’s safe to say we love to see a nice unboxing. And the pot is even sweeter when the device is turned on for a short demo. Noah from phonedog received the upcoming Garmin-Asus android phone from-Mobile. And he was nice enough to share the unboxing with all of us.

This is a great unboxing, you get the see the device and all the accessories one at a time. Then there is a quick look at the custom UI that this phone introduces to Android. The Garminifone is expected to be a navigating powerhouse. For now its stuck on Android 1.6, it has a 3.5 inch screen which is quickly becoming too small for today’s standards.


There are some nice accessories included with this device that may make up for some of its short comings. It has a few things that can get you by when traveling. There is an international-ready power adapter and a cigarette lighter charger. A dock is also included, these things don’t usually come with phones so they will save you a few dollars.