So you’re hangin out in your entryway, waiting to go on that long trip to the big city, and BAM! There it is, your long lost Garminfone. And what’s this? You remember a post over at AndroidCommunity that said there was some sort of tasty treat update on this device and you figure, hey, got it now, why not? Well you’re in luck, because the set of instructions we’ve got right here, courtesy of T-Mobile board member BonnieP, lets you in on this lovely creamy update.

With these five… wait… eight simple steps, you too can be on your way to creaminess. The way this process to update was found was BonnieP calling Garmin about a non-working Wifi. She received the following email to correct her problem, and wah la! An update was born. Thank you betterdan for finding this info.

Re: OTA update 8/26/10 problem fixed? 
09-17-2010 10:32 AM

So I call Garmin today and they fwd this email to me and said this is the latest solution for fixing the non-working Wifi. Good Luck! ****************************************************************************************************************************** Why won’t the WIFI feature of my Garminfone work after updating my software to 4.0.25. If you have recently received a software update for your Garminfone and you have found that the WIFI feature of your Garminfone is no longer functioning correctly, you will need to follow these steps to reinstall the software to your phone and correct the issue: Copying .update file to Garminfone

1. Download the software update package for your Garminfone which can be found here: o
2. Connect your Garminfone to your computer using the USB cable provided in your box
3. Select “File Transfer” mode when the “USB connected” dialog appears
4. Once the device is visible on your computer, copy the .update file from your computer to the device. The .update file must be placed in a /Garmin/Update folder. Please note the capitalization as it is important
5. Once the transfer is complete, please Exit File Transfer Mode by sliding down the notification bar from the top of your phone’s screen, touching USB File Transfer Mode, and touching ‘Yes’. Please leave your Garminfone connected to the USB cable and your computer. o Note: It is important to safely remove the device from your computer in order for the file copy to be successful Updating your device Once you have ejected the Garminfone from your computer, the UpdateLauncher application will display. Please ensure that the Garminfone is connected to a power source during the entire update process.
1. When the UpdateLauncher application displays a prompt to apply the update, select “OK” and the update process will begin.
2. Leave device undisturbed until update is finished. The device will reboot itself into the update mode and then reboot to the lock screen.
3. When you see the lock screen, your device will be updated. Once you have completed these steps your Garminfone should work normally.

[Via T-Mobile Community]


  1. this works….I can tell you that my “mistake” was creating a Update folder not “in” the  folder tilted Garmin. The update folder needs to contain the file updater.exe….  the pate Garminphone/Garmin/Update
    make sure that the folder uses a capitalized U for Update…:) mine now works after three frustrating hours….the update launcher will work once the update.exe is in its proper place…. 


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