Garmin’s Fenix 6 line, along with its Marq and Enduro lines target users that rely heavily on their wearables for their workouts and other fitness activities. So the software that accompanies these devices should be able to bring them fitness-related features that can help them track, analyze, and advise them on what they need to do to meet goals and challenges. The latest Garmin software update brings two new features that may be useful for fitness enthusiasts or those trying to be healthier.

Forbes reports that the Garmin update brings a new feature called RPE or rate of perceived exertion. When you finish your workout or any fitness activity, you can log how tough it felt so you can enhance your fitness history on the Garmin Connect app. It will help you track those difficult workouts and also manage your training load. There may be various reasons why it was difficult like a bad night’s sleep, incoming illness, etc but logging it can help you figure things out and manage them as well.

The other new feature that comes with the software update is called Fitness Age. It is actually tied to your VO2 Max score which basically shows your fitness level based on the amount of oxygen your body consumes during your exercise or fitness routine. This new feature will bring this data in a more understandable and digestible way than just the numbers of the VO2 Max score. However, those using serious fitness watches would most probably prefer the VO2 Max score anyway but at least Fitness Age is there as an option.

Garmin Challenges also has some improvements with the update as you can now check on your progress from your smartwatch directly. Challenges lets you set a distance or time goal for 1-3 months but previously you could only see your progress on the app itself. Now you can check if you’ve met your created goals from your device, probably while you’re doing that certain fitness activity that would help you reach that goal.

The update seems to be rolling out to Fenix 6, Marq, and Enduro devices. It might also be a preview as to what to expect from the upcoming Fenix 7.


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