While there are a lot of fashionable smartwatches out there, sometimes it’s still mainly designed for a general market. There are brands out there that have specifically crafted wearables for women and now Garmin is joining their ranks. They have announced the Garmin Lily, a “small and fashionable smartwatch women have been waiting for.” It’s smaller than most of the smartwatches out there and also comes with some of the recent women-focused features that they have introduced with their recent devices.

Garmin says the design of the Lily smartwatch was inspired by the jewelry-like classic watches that were created for smaller wrists. It is the brand’s smallest smartwatch yet with a 34mm watch case and a 14mm band. It also has unique T-bar lugs and metallic patterned lens with a bright liquid crystal monochromatic touchscreen display. And when you’re not using that display, it disappears. Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing Susan Lyman says that this is part of their commitment in creating products that “fit the needs of our female customer”.

There are two variants to this new line of Garmin smartwatches. The classic variant uses an Italian leather band, stainless steel bezel and hardware. There are three colors to choose from: Dark Bronze Bezel with Paloma Case, Cream Gold Bezel with Black Case, and Light Gold Bezel with White Case. They’re priced at $249.99 each. Meanwhile, the Sport variant is a bit cheaper at $199.99 as it sports (ha) a silicone band and aluminum bezel and hardware. The three colors available are Cream Gold Bezel with White Case, Rose Gold Bezel with Light Sand Case, and Midnight Orchid Bezel with Deep Orchid Case.

Of course since this is from Garmin, we get a lot of health and fitness features for the wearables. It can track and monitor your respiration, Pulse oxygen, stress, hydration, advanced sleep, heart rate, among other things. Women’s Heath features also take center stage with menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking. It has various sports apps for yoga, Pilates, cardio, treadmill, etc. Of cousre you have the usual tracking of steps, calories burned, intensity minutes, plus breathwork activities.

Aside from the health and fitness features, you get the regular smartwatch features like smart notifications, calendar view, etc. It also has a safety feature that sends your real-time location to emergency contacts when needed. The Garmin Lily is now available on Garmin.com.


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